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  • Step back from unhealthy stress and put things into perspective by creating a calm, clear perspective.
  • Create more resilience and happiness with proven self-care practices.
  • Find your footing and experience greater peace of mind, confidence and happiness.

You've just undergone a life-threatening event that you didn't see coming.  The practices I share are evidence-based and easy to do.  I use them myself and want to share them with you.  You can create a healthy balance in life when you invite peace in and let stress out.  These  simple strategies are available in the Free Steps to Less Stress Report!

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More About Your Coach

Audrey helps clients boost their mental resilience and positivity as an antidote to the trauma and intense stress of having a heart attack.  She knows first-hand the mindset shifts that need to happen after a heart attack.  Audrey is a two time heart attack survivor despite having very “healthy” habits.

It wasn’t exercise or diet that were factors in her heart attack events.  It was stress that almost did her in.  The first heart attack was largely the result of Audrey’s own negative self-talk and high expectations that created toxic stress.  This incident caused Audrey to discover ways to become more of the boss of her own brain.  She became a Certified Stress Mastery Educator with the American Institute of Stress, a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach and a Positive Intelligence coach

The second heart attack was largely brought on by external events that Audrey had no control over.  Even though she knew she needed to let go, she didn’t.   It made her wonder if she should just give up stress transformation coaching altogether because she “failed”. She felt like an imposter.

But then her cardiology specialist told her she had won the lottery with both heart attacks. The location of  the arterial tears in each event did not cause much damage.  Then Audrey realized it was a sign that she MUST continue with her coaching because she was one of the lucky ones - not once, but twice. She knows without a shadow of a doubt that this is her mission in life.  

She  has been on the emotional roller coaster and understands what it’s like to go through such a serious health challenge and still create the resiliency to live life fully with a positive outlook.  

Audrey leverages neuroscience, positive psychology and underlying belief discovery to create transformation of the underlying stressors.  She guides clients to create a space where there is peace, positivity, and confidence. 

When Audrey isn’t powerfully serving her coaching clients, she enjoys spending time in nature, traveling, playing with her dog, making tasty meals in her kitchen, and gardening.

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3 Steps to Less Stress and More Self-Compassion


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