Happy Holidays Audrey,

Let's talk stress. We all know it's that unwelcome guest who crashes our mental and physical party, bringing along its notorious buddy, cortisol - the stress hormone that thinks everything is an emergency - especially during the holidays.

But seriously, in our wild modern world, who has time for that? Stress pops up for the silliest reasons, like someone snagging our parking spot or the oh-so-special knack our family has for pushing our buttons during festive gatherings.

Here's the scoop: Stress overstays its welcome. It steals our "me-time" for repairs and maintenance. It's like a terrible roommate who hogs the bathroom forever. Our digestion suffers, aging cells cry out for a makeover, and even our brain is wondering, "Where's the blood flow? I can’t think straight!"

And let's not forget the impact on our immunity!  Stress opens the door for health issues.  We catch every virus or flu going around.  If it goes on long enough we even create conditions for cancer and heart disease to set up shop because our stressed out body can’t fight it off.  (I know this first hand).

But fear not, Audrey, for I bring you a ninja technique to kick stress to the curb - the Physiological Sigh!
This isn't some complicated yoga pose or a meditation retreat in the Himalayas.  It’s breathing, but with a secret twist.

Take two short breaths in, then let that exhale take its sweet time, like you're savoring the last piece of chocolate in a hidden stash.  Babies and kids are all over this trick after a sob fest - they've mastered it, and so can we!

Watch this short video for the science behind the sigh - This is Dr. Andrew Huberman from Stanford.  Amazing what people study right?

This holiday season, amid the delightful chaos, I invite you to experiment with this technique.  Experience the transformative power of the Physiological Sigh, an inconspicuous tool at your disposal, capable of diffusing stress wherever you are.

Give it a try and write back to let me know what your experience with this technique is  Sometimes, the simplest solutions yield the most remarkable results.

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”                                    

                                                                                                      ~Henry Miller

Wishing you a delightful holiday season,

Audrey Weidman

Stress Transformation Coach
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