Hi Audrey,


I wanted to give you an update.  I've been rather quiet because I've been pondering how I might best serve people.  I have a lot more clarity now and it's time you knew.


As you may know, over the past several years I've been involved in stress mastery education.  I even instructed the Chicago Police Department in Q1 of 2021 as part of the consent decree.  One of the reasons I loved doing that is because delving into stress mastery helped me!


I am a heart attack survivor who struggled with stress.  I needed proven strategies to get a handle on my negative mental chatter.


I am still pursuing my passion of helping others reduce their stress.  But I've received additional training.  I guide clients to recognize and shift sabotaging thought patterns towards calm, create sage thinking.  I also help clients identify beliefs that hold them back and replace them with new empowering beliefs.  These methods help clients get to the root cause of their stress rather than treating the symptoms.  


In doing so, I've had a shift in who I really want to serve.  So let me ask you this question:


Do you know any heart attack survivors that are in disbelief that it happened to them?  Through my coaching, I help them create a healthy balance of life's priorities.


In fact, I went from being shaken to the core to having a sweeter, calmer life.  I no longer stay hijacked by habitual negative thinking .  Since I'm more relaxed and happier, I now allow myself to think bigger and  play bigger so that I can make a significant contribution to the world. 


Please pass this message along to heart attack survivors that are struggling with the emotional shock of what happened to them.






p.s.  If this describes you and you want to book a complimentary Life After Heart Attack Session, just click on my CALENDAR LINK  and let's book a time together so you can get started.