... And what Mickey knew all along.  Let me explain.

I grew up in a very loving home.  My mom and dad only wanted the best for me.  But when I received my first report card, my dad’s reaction to it had a lasting impact on me.  And he did this with the best of intentions.

I enjoyed going to school and was so happy to be in first grade like the other big kids on my block.  I loved my teacher, I loved making new friends, I loved learning.  School was fun!

My mom had gone to her first parent teacher conference and brought home my report card.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table when she  handed the report card over to my dad.  He took one look at it (which was all B’s) and said “In this household, we only get A’s.   And I will pay you $1 for each “A” you bring home.”  I got $.50/week for allowance so this was a serious windfall.  

At the time, I didn’t exactly know what grades were, but I figured it out quickly.  From that point on, I proceeded to get mostly A’s in my classes all the way through graduate school.

That brief evaluation of my first report card was the moment a few Saboteurs were born inside my head.  

  • The HyperAchiever
  • The Perfectionist aka the Stickler
  • The Pleaser

I also learned how high performance was rewarded with money.

How Exactly Did Those Saboteurs Have Such A Lasting Effect and Become So Powerful?

Find out here.

 Wise Words:

“Many of us are guilty of not taking enough time to dial into our inner child's voice.” ― Kim Ha Campbell

Listen To This:

This song is so relaxing; it has a warning label to not listen to it while driving.  Research showed  that listening to it resulted in a 65% reduction in participants’ overall anxiety. Find it here.

Watch This:

For a really uplifting movie, watch "Mission Joy".  This is a documentary where the Dalai Llama meets with Desmond Tutu.  Both very different people and faiths, but stunningly similar as well.  Find it on Netflix or go to MissionJoy.org.


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