Say what????  Yes.  I really meant to say that Audrey!

But let me clarify.  It’s not to stay in negativity.  It’s to realize when you are negative you can turn yourself around.  Think of it as a hand on a hot stove.  You don’t want to stay there and get burned.  But the heat is a warning.


After my heart attack, I was numb.  I felt like my body betrayed me.  But after some time passed, I realized I created the toxic stress that led to a heart attack.  And the resulting suffering was a  powerful tool for transformation.  

I became curious about the solution to my perpetual habit of being stressed and basically followed the steps as described by Abraham Hicks.  

"It is natural that by knowing what you do not want, you are able to clarify what you do want; and there is nothing wrong with identifying a problem before beginning to look for a solution. But many people, over time, become problem oriented rather than solution oriented, and in their examination and explanation of the problem, they continue the perpetuation of the problem. That which is like unto itself, is drawn—so tell the story you want to live and you will eventually live it."

I didn’t want to feel stressed anymore.  I became focused on what I wanted - less stress, more joy, ease and flow.  My first step was meditation.  Gradually I added to my skills.   Within the past year I became a Clear Beliefs Coach and a Positive Intelligence Coach.

And you know what?  I succeeded and measured it.

I took the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment in 2019 and I took it again last weekend.  It’s a timed test - you only have 20 seconds to answer each question so as to be more revealing of your true nature.  The idea is that you leverage your strengths instead of working on your weaknesses.  You can learn more about it here.  And the shift I saw made me so happy and proud.

I'm aware this is of a lot more interest to me than to you.  I also realize you are probably not familiar with these particular definitions of character strengths.  But I want to show you the evidence!

The short version is that in 2019 (2 ½ years after the heart attack) I was still pretty success driven, focusing on gaining knowledge to be successful, and believing that “You can be anything you want to be if you just try hard enough”.  That belief undoubtedly was the root cause of my heart attack.  It was hard to shake despite my best efforts.  Beliefs are programmed into our unconscious mind and are really hard to shake - unless you do the inner work.

Now in 2023 I see my greatest strengths center around Relationship Building - and I might add - good qualities for a coach.  I changed in a very good way.  My strengths allow me to walk through life with a lot more joy, ease and flow.  And importantly I help other to do the same. 

StrengthsFinder Results

2019 2023
Connectedness Positivity
Intellection Connectedness
Input Empathy
Belief Relator
Achiever Learner

What are you experiencing that you would rather not?  Do you know anyone that is recovering from a major health scare that has them reeling? 

Toxic beliefs can be changed and a healthier mindset created.  And I can help you do that.  If you’d like to know how, please schedule a time to chat to see if we are a fit. 

Energetically yours,


Audrey Weidman

Wise Words:

“Any set back can be viewed as a gift or opportunity”  Shirzad Chamine

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Here's a great video from the Big Think on "where you focus, your energy goes".  But you have the power to decide what that is.

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